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Pair Programming

Pair programming is a programming technique in which two programmers working together on a single system. This practice has been around since the 1950s. Many studies have shown that pair programmers are more than twice as efficient; in code production and especially in freedom from bugs, than one single programmer on a single system.

Planning Poker

An Agile estimation practice which is a variation of the wideband Delphi method of consensus based estimation. It is used to estimate effort or relative size of user stories by assigning story points to each user story. This technique can also be used for meetings where the team estimates risk in different modules.

Prevention vs. Inspections

Prevention is an activity that can reduce the probability of negative consequences associated with project risks whereas inspection measures to verify whether an activity, component, product, or service conforms to specified requirements. The cost of preventing mistakes is much less than the cost of correcting the mistakes found during inspection.

Product Owner

Product Owner The product owner is a role created by the Scrum Framework responsible for making sure the team delivers the desired outcome. Dueño del Producto El Propietario del Producto es un rol creado por Scrum Framework responsable de asegurarse de que el equipo proporcione el resultado deseado. El Propietario del Producto, es el responsable…
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Product Roadmap

A product road map is a high-level plan that shows when in the future new products are expected to be developed or introduced by the organization/team. The requests to edit the road map (usually by adding new products) come from the sales force or senior management in the company when the marketing strategy is made.