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Standard Process

Standard Process An operational definition of the basic process that guides the establishment of a common process in an organization. A standard process describes the fundamental process elements that are expected to be incorporated into any defined process. It also describes the relationships (e.g., ordering and interfaces) between these process elements.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering The interdisciplinary approach governing the total technical and managerial effort required to transform a set of customer needs, expectations, and constraints into a product solution and support that solution throughout the product.s life. This includes the definition of technical performance measures, the integration of engineering specialties towards the establishment of a product architecture, and…
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Tailoring Guidelines

Tailoring guidelines Tailoring a process makes, alters, or adapts process descriptions, normally described at the organizational level, for use on a particular project. For most organizations, one organizational process definition cannot or will not be followed 100% for all of the projects. Some adaptation is normally needed. Tailoring guidelines then describe what can and cannot be…
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Target Profile

Target Profile: In the continuous representation, a list of process areas and their corresponding capability levels that represent an objective for process improvement. Perfil de Destino En la representación continua, una lista de áreas de proceso y sus correspondientes niveles de capacidad que representan un objetivo para la mejora del proceso.

Target Staging

Target Staging: In the continuous representation, a sequence of target profiles that describes the path of process improvement to be followed by the organization. Preparación del objetivo En la representación continua, una secuencia de perfiles de destino que describe la ruta de la mejora del proceso que debe seguir la organización.

Technical Data Packag

Technical Data Packag: A collection of items that may include the following if such information is appropriate to the type of product and product component. Paquete de Datos Técnicos: Una colección de artículos que pueden incluir lo siguiente si dicha información es apropiada para el tipo de producto y componente del producto.

Trade Study

Trade study: An evaluation of alternatives based on criteria and systematic analysis, to select the best alternative for attaining determined objectives. Estudio Comercial: Una evaluación de alternativas basada en criterios y análisis sistemático, para seleccionar la mejor alternativa para alcanzar objetivos determinados.


Validation: Validation demonstrates that the product, as provided, (or as it will be provided) will fulfill its intended use in the operational environment. Validation assures that “You built the right thing.”. Validación: La validación demuestra que el producto, tal como se proporciona, (o como se proporcionará) cumplirá su uso previsto en el entorno operativo. La…
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Verification: Verification includes verification of the product and intermediate work products against all selected requirements, including customer, product, and product component requirements. Verification is inherently an incremental process. It begins with the verification of the requirements, progresses through the verification of the evolving work products, and culminates in the verification of the completed product. Verification…
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Verifying Implementation

Verifying Implementation A common feature of CMMI model process areas with a staged representation that groups the generic practices related to review by higher level management, and objective evaluation of conformance to process descriptions, procedures, and standards. Verificación de la Implementación Una característica común de las áreas de proceso del modelo CMMI con una representación por etapas…
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Version Control

Version Control: The establishment and maintenance of baselines and the identification of changes to baselines that make it possible to return to the previous baseline. Control de Versiones: El establecimiento y mantenimiento de líneas de base y la identificación de cambios en las líneas de base que permiten volver a la línea de base anterior.

Work Product

Work Product: he term WORK PRODUCT is used throughout the CMMI Product Suite to mean any artifact produced by a process. These artifacts can include files, documents, parts of the product, services, processes, specifications, and invoices. Examples of processes to be considered as work products include a manufacturing process, a training process, and a disposal…
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Work Product and Task Attributes

Work Product and Task Attributes: Characteristics of products, services, and project tasks used to help in estimating project work. These characteristics include items such as size, complexity, weight, form, fit, or function. They are typically used as one input to deriving other project and resource estimates (e.g., effort, cost, schedule). Atributos de Productos y Tareas:…
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