Category: CMMI

Capability Evaluation

Capability evaluation An appraisal by a trained team of professionals used as a discriminator to select suppliers, for contract monitoring, or for incentives. Evaluations are used to help decision makers make better acquisition decisions, improve subcontractor performance, and provide insight to a purchasing organization.

Capability Level

Capability Level Profile In the continuous representation, a list of process areas and their corresponding capability levels. The profile may be an achievement profile when it represents the organization’s progress for each process area while advancing through the capability levels. Or, the profile may be a target profile when it represents an objective for process…
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Modelo para la mejora y evaluación de procesos para el desarrollo, mantenimiento y operación de sistemas de software. Su desarrollo se inicia en los años 80 partiendo del principio de calidad, solvencia contrastada en la producción industrial: la calidad del resultado depende de la calidad de los procesos empleados en su construcción. CMMI: Since the CMMI…
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Configuration Management

Configuration Management A discipline applying technical and administrative direction and surveillance to: (1) identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of a configuration item (2) control changes to those characteristics (3) record and report change processing and implementation status, and (4) verify compliance with specified requirements. [IEEE Std 610.1990]


Customer A customer is the individual, project, organization, group, and so forth that is responsible for accepting the product or for authorizing payment. The customer is external to the project but not necessarily external to the organization. The term customer also serves as a variable when we discuss requirements gathering or elicitation.