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Enterprise: Enterprise is used to refer to very large companies that consist of many organizations in many different locations with different customers. Enterprise: Enterprise se usa para referirse a compañías muy grandes que consisten en muchas organizaciones en diferentes ubicaciones con diferentes clientes.

Equivalent Staging

Equivalent Staging: Equivalent staging is a target staging, created using the continuous representation that is defined so that the results of using the target staging can be compared to the maturity levels of the staged representation. Estadificación Equivalente: La estadificación equivalente es una estadificación objetivo, creada mediante la representación continua que se define para que los…
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Expected CMMI

Expected CMMI:CMMI components that explain what may be done to satisfy a required CMMI component. Model users can implement the expected components explicitly or implement equivalent alternative practices to these components. Specific and generic practices are expected model components. Componentes CMMI esperados Componentes: CMMI que explican qué se puede hacer para satisfacer un componente CMMI requerido. Los usuarios del…
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