Category: CMMI

Process Area

Process Area A Process area is a cluster of related practices in an area that, when performed collectively, satisfy a set of goals considered important for making significant improvement in that area. All CMMI process areas are common to both continuous and staged representations. In the staged representation, process areas are organized by maturity levels.

Product Component

Product component Product components are generally lower-level components of the product and are integrated to “build” the product. Product components may be a part of the product delivered to the customer or serve in the manufacture or use of the product. For example, for those companies that manufacture mobile phone batteries, the mobile phone battery…
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Prototype A preliminary type, form, or instance of a product or product component that serves as a model for later stages or for the final, complete version of the product. Prototipo Un tipo, forma o instancia preliminar de un producto o componente del producto que sirve como modelo para etapas posteriores o para la versión final completa…
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