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Off-Specification: Something that should be provided by the project, but currently is not (or is forecast not to be) provided.This might be a missing product or a product not meeting its specifications. It is one type of Project Issue. Fuera de especificación Algo que debe ser proporcionado por el proyecto, pero actualmente no se proporciona (o se…
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Operational and Maintenance Acceptance

Operational and Maintenance Acceptance: Acceptance by the person/group who will support the product during its useful life that it is accepted into the operational environment.The format of the acceptance will depend on the product itself – it could be in the form of an acceptance letter signed by the appropriate authority, or a more complex report…
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Outcome: The term used to describe the totality of what the project is set up to deliver, consisting of all the specialist products.For example, this could be an installed computer system with trained staff to use it, backed up by new working practices and documentation, a refurbished and equipped building with all the staff moved in…
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