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Quality: The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated needs. Also defined as ‘fitness for purpose’ or ‘conforms to requirements’. Calidad: La totalidad de las características y características de un producto o servicio que inciden en su capacidad para satisfacer las necesidades declaradas. También se define como…
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Quality Log

Quality Log Contains all planned and completed quality activities.The Quality Log is used by the Project Manager and Project Assurance as part of reviewing progress. Registro de Calidad Contiene todas las actividades de calidad planificadas y completadas. El Administrador de proyectos y el aseguramiento de proyectos utilizan el Registro de calidad como parte de la revisión del…
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Quality Review

Quality Review: A quality review is a quality checking technique with a specific structure, defined roles and procedure designed to ensure a product’s completeness and adherence to standards. The participants are drawn from those with an interest in the product and those with the necessary skills to review its correctness. An example of the checks made…
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