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Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing An acceptance test is a formal description of the behavior of a software product, generally expressed as an example or a usage scenario. A number of different notations and approaches have been proposed for such examples or scenarios. In many cases the aim is that it should be possible to automate the execution…
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Agile is a group of iterative and incremental software development methods. It encourages flexibility and speed in responding to change. It requires collaboration between self-organized, cross-functional teams to generate requirements and solutions. Agile es un enfoque general utilizado para el desarrollo de software en sus inicios, aunque adaptado a muchos otros sectores, se basa en…
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Agile Development

Agile refers to a collaborative, cross-functional software development strategy where solutions are created in a rapid, flexible method to achieve the desired result. Agile methodology is an iterative software development process that involves use of methodologies such as Scrum, Lean, dynamic systems development method and eXtreme Programming. Agile se refiere a una estrategia de desarrollo…
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Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management principles utilize short development cycles that continuously move the product or service development process forward. By breaking large projects into smaller tasks, teams can be working in parallel to meet objectives. Team members are able to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively to issues that arise without jeopardizing the entire project. Los principios…
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Automated Build

Automated Build In the context of software development, build refers to the process that converts files and other assets under the developers’ responsibility into a software product in its final or consumable form. The build is automated when these steps are repeatable, require no direct human intervention, and can be performed at any time with…
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Business Agility

Business Agility Business agility is the ability of an organization to sense changes internally or externally and respond accordingly in order to deliver value to its customers. Agilidad Empresarial La agilidad empresarial es la capacidad de una organización para detectar cambios internos o externos y responder en consecuencia para entregar valor a sus clientes.

CRC Cards

CRC Cards Class Responsibility Collaborator (CRC) Cards are an object oriented design technique teams can use to discuss what a class should know and do and what other classes it interacts with.  Tarjetas CRC Las Tarjetas de Colaborador de Responsabilidad de la Clase (CRC) son una técnica de diseño orientado a objetos que los equipos…
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The Crystal family of methodologies was developed by Alistair Cockburn in the mid-1990s. The methodologies are named after colors and/or gemstones to indicate the «weight» of methodology needed (as per the team attributes or strategic needs). The most famous is also the lightest, called «Crystal Clear,» used for small teams with co-located members working on…
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Daily Meeting

Daily Meeting The daily meeting is one of the most commonly practiced Agile techniques and presents opportunity for a team to get together on a regular basis to coordinate their activities. Reunión Diaria La reunión diaria es una de las técnicas ágiles más practicadas y presenta la oportunidad de que un equipo se reúna regularmente…
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DevOps is a set of practices designed to automate the processes between software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops), in order to build, test and release software faster and more reliably. DevOps teams use microservices—collections of modular single-function components—to break a large project into building blocks that are independent of each other, reducing single…
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