Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance Criteria: A prioritised list of criteria that the final product(s) must meet before the customer will accept them; a measurable definition of what must be done for the final product to be acceptable to the customer. They should be defined as part of the Project Brief and agreed between customer and supplier no later than the…
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Activity Network

Activity Network: A flow diagram showing the activities of a plan and their interdependencies. The network shows each activity’s duration, earliest start and finish times, latest start and finish times and float. Also known as ‘planning network’. Red de Actividades: Un diagrama de flujo que muestra las actividades de un plan y sus interdependencias. La red muestra la…
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Baseline: A snapshot; a position or situation that is recorded. Although the position may be updated later, the baseline remains unchanged and available as a reminder of the original state and as a comparison against the current position. Products that have passed their quality checks and are approved are baselined products.Anything ‘baselined’ should be under version…
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Business Case

Business Case: Information that describes the justification for setting up and continuing a PRINCE2 project. It provides the reasons (and answers the question:‘Why?’) for the project. An outline Business Case should be in the Project Mandate. Its existence is checked as part of the Project Brief, and a revised, fuller version appears in the Project Initiation…
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Change Authority

Change Authority: A group to which the Project Board may delegate responsibility for the consideration of Requests for Change.The change authority is given a budget and can approve changes within that budget. Autoridad de Cambio:Un grupo en el que la Junta de Proyecto puede delegar la responsabilidad de considerar las Solicitudes de Cambio. La autoridad de…
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Change Control

Change Control The procedure to ensure that the processing of all Project Issues is controlled, including submission, analysis and decision making. Control de Cambios El procedimiento para asegurar que se controle el procesamiento de todos los problemas del proyecto, incluido el envío, el análisis y la toma de decisiones.

Communication Plan

Communication Plan Part of the Project Initiation Document describing how the project’s stakeholders and interested parties will be kept informed during the project. Plan de comunicación Parte del documento de inicio del proyecto que describe cómo los interesados ​​del proyecto y las partes interesadas se mantendrán informadas durante el proyecto.

Daily Log

Daily Log: A record of jobs to do or to check that others have done, commitments from the author or others, important events, decisions or discussions. A Daily Log should be kept by the Project Manager and any Team Managers. Diario de Registro: Un registro de trabajos para hacer o para verificar que otros lo hayan hecho,…
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Deliverable: An item that the project has to create as part of the requirements. It may be part of the final outcome or an intermediate element on which one or more subsequent deliverables are dependent. According to the type of project, another name for a deliverable is ‘product’. Deliverable: Un elemento que el proyecto debe crear como…
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Executive The single individual with overall responsibility for ensuring that a project meets its objectives and delivers the projected benefits.This individual should ensure that the project or programme maintains its business focus, that it has clear authority and that the work, including risks, is actively managed.The Executive is the chairperson of the Project Board, representing the…
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Feasibility Study

Feasibility study: A feasibility study is an early study of a problem to assess if a solution is feasible.The study will normally scope the problem, identify and explore a number of solutions, and make a recommendation on what action to take.Part of the work in developing options is to calculate an outline Business Case for each as…
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Follow-on Action Recommendations

Follow-on Action Recommendations: A report that can be used as input to the process of creating a Business Case/Project Mandate for any follow-on PRINCE2 project and for recording any follow-on instructions covering incomplete products or outstanding Project Issues. Recomendaciones de Seguimiento de Acción Un informe que puede usarse como entrada para el proceso de creación de un…
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Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart: This is a diagram of a plan’s activities against a time background, showing start and end times and resources required. Gráfico de Gantt: Este es un diagrama de las actividades de un plan con respecto a un fondo de tiempo, que muestra los tiempos de inicio y final y los recursos requeridos. El Gráfico de…
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Gate Review

Gate Review: A generic term, rather than a PRINCE2 term, meaning a point at the end of a stage or phase where a decision is made whether to continue with the project. In PRINCE2 this would equate to an end stage assessment. Revisión de Puerta Término genérico, en lugar de término de PRINCE2, que significa un punto…
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Issue Log

Issue Log: Contains all Project Issues including Requests for Change raised during the project. Issues are each allocated a unique number and are filed in the Issue Log under the appropriate status. Emitir registro: contiene todos los problemas del proyecto, incluidas las solicitudes de cambio planteadas durante el proyecto. Todos los problemas se asignan a un número único…
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Lessons Learned Log

Lessons Learned Log An informal collection of good and bad lessons learned about the management and specialist processes and products as the project progresses.At the end of the project, it is formalised and structured into a Lessons Learned Report. Lecciones aprendidas Log Una colección informal de buenas y malas lecciones aprendidas sobre la gestión y los procesos…
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