Verification: Verification includes verification of the product and intermediate work products against all selected requirements, including customer, product, and product component requirements. Verification is inherently an incremental process. It begins with the verification of the requirements, progresses through the verification of the evolving work products, and culminates in the verification of the completed product. Verification…
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Verifying Implementation

Verifying Implementation A common feature of CMMI model process areas with a staged representation that groups the generic practices related to review by higher level management, and objective evaluation of conformance to process descriptions, procedures, and standards. Verificación de la Implementación Una característica común de las áreas de proceso del modelo CMMI con una representación por etapas…
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Version Control

Version Control: The establishment and maintenance of baselines and the identification of changes to baselines that make it possible to return to the previous baseline. Control de Versiones: El establecimiento y mantenimiento de líneas de base y la identificación de cambios en las líneas de base que permiten volver a la línea de base anterior.