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Glosario CMMI de Términos de las investigaciones de la iPMOGuide


Audit: An independent examination of a work product or set of work products to determine whether requirements are being met. Auditoría Un examen independiente de un producto de trabajo o conjunto de productos de trabajo para determinar si se cumplen los requisitos.  

Base Measure

Base Measure: A distinct property or characteristic of an entity and the method for quantifying it. Prácticas Básicas: En la representación continua, todas las prácticas específicas con un nivel de capacidad de 1.

Base Practices

Base Practices: In the continuous representation, all the specific practices with a capability level of 1. Prácticas Básicas En la representación continua, todas las prácticas específicas con un nivel de capacidad de 1.


Baseline: The term baseline is normally used to denote such a reference point. A baseline is an approved snapshot of the system at appropriate points in the development life cycle. A baseline establishes a formal base for defining subsequent change. Without this line or reference point, the notion […]

Business Objectives

Business Objectives: Senior-management-developed strategies designed to ensure an organization’s continued existence and enhance its profitability, market share, and other factors influencing the organization. Objetivos Comerciales Estrategias desarrolladas por la alta gerencia diseñadas para garantizar la existencia continua de una organización y mejorar su rentabilidad, participación de mercado y otros factores […]


Modelo para la mejora y evaluación de procesos para el desarrollo, mantenimiento y operación de sistemas de software. Su desarrollo se inicia en los años 80 partiendo del principio de calidad, solvencia contrastada en la producción industrial: la calidad del resultado depende de la calidad de los procesos […]

Directing Implementation

Directing Implementation A common feature of CMMI model process areas with a staged representation that groups the generic practices related to managing the performance of the process, managing the integrity of its work products, and involving relevant stakeholders. Implementación de la Dirección Una característica común de las áreas de proceso […]


Enterprise: Enterprise is used to refer to very large companies that consist of many organizations in many different locations with different customers. Enterprise: Enterprise se usa para referirse a compañías muy grandes que consisten en muchas organizaciones en diferentes ubicaciones con diferentes clientes.

Entry Criteria

Entry Criteria: States of being that must be present before an effort can begin successfully. Criterios de Entrada Estados de ser que deben estar presentes antes de que un esfuerzo pueda comenzar con éxito.

Equivalent Staging

Equivalent Staging: Equivalent staging is a target staging, created using the continuous representation that is defined so that the results of using the target staging can be compared to the maturity levels of the staged representation. Estadificación Equivalente: La estadificación equivalente es una estadificación objetivo, creada mediante la representación […]

Exit Criteria

Exit Criteria: States of being that must be present before an effort can end successfully. Criterios de Salida: Estados de ser que deben estar presentes antes de que un esfuerzo pueda terminar con éxito.

Expected CMMI

Expected CMMI:CMMI components that explain what may be done to satisfy a required CMMI component. Model users can implement the expected components explicitly or implement equivalent alternative practices to these components. Specific and generic practices are expected model components. Componentes CMMI esperados Componentes: CMMI que explican qué se puede hacer para […]

Functional Analysis

Functional Analysis: Examination of a defined function to identify all the sub functions necessary to the accomplishment of that function; identification of functional relationships and interfaces (internal and external) and capturing these in a functional architecture; and flow down of upper level performance requirements and assignment of these requirements […]


Goal A “GOAL” is a required CMMI component that can be either a generic goal or a specific goal. When you see the word “goal” in a CMMI model, it always refers to model components (for example, generic goal, specific goal). Objetivo Un «OBJETIVO» es un componente CMMI requerido que […]

Informative CMMI

Informative CMMI componentsCMMI components that help model users understand the required and expected components of a model. These components may contain examples, detailed explanations, or other helpful information. Sub practices, notes, references, goal titles, practice titles, sources, typical work products, discipline amplifications, and generic practice elaborations are informative […]

Lead Appraiser

Lead Appraiser As used in the CMMI Product Suite, a person who has achieved recognition from an authorizing body to perform as an appraisal team leader for a particular appraisal method. Líder Evaluador Tal como se utiliza en el conjunto de productos CMMI, una persona que ha logrado el reconocimiento […]


Manager A project manager is the person responsible for planning, directing, controlling, structuring, and motivating the project. He or she may provide both technical and administrative direction and control to those performing project tasks or activities within his or her area of responsibility. The project manager is ultimately responsible […]

Natural Bounds

Natural Bounds The inherent process reflected by measures of process performance, sometimes referred to as “voice of the process.” Techniques such as control charts, confidence intervals, and prediction intervals are used to determine whether the variation is due to common causes (i.e., the process is predictable or “stable”) or […]

Objective Evidence

Objective Evidence As used in CMMI appraisal materials, qualitative or quantitative information, records, or statements of fact pertaining to the characteristics of an item or service or to the existence and implementation of a process element, which are based on observation, measurement, or test and which are verifiable. Evidencia […]


Prototype A preliminary type, form, or instance of a product or product component that serves as a model for later stages or for the final, complete version of the product. Prototipo Un tipo, forma o instancia preliminar de un producto o componente del producto que sirve como modelo para etapas […]